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2023 Summer Toy Outdoor Yard Rocket Sprinkler
2023 Summer Toy Outdoor Yard Rocket Sprinkler
2023 Summer Toy Outdoor Yard Rocket Sprinkler
2023 Summer Toy Outdoor Yard Rocket Sprinkler
2023 Summer Toy Outdoor Yard Rocket Sprinkler
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2023 Summer Toy Outdoor Yard Rocket Sprinkler
2023 Summer Toy Outdoor Yard Rocket Sprinkler
2023 Summer Toy Outdoor Yard Rocket Sprinkler
2023 Summer Toy Outdoor Yard Rocket Sprinkler
2023 Summer Toy Outdoor Yard Rocket Sprinkler
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2023 Summer Toy Outdoor Yard Rocket Sprinkler

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 😍Have a blast and cool off too!😍

Cartoon rocket shape makes children love it love outdoor play.

Fun Toys for Kids】Colorful and vivid cartoon rocket shape design make the toy lovely. The fun shape is loved by children. The water sprinkler with rotary head support 360 degree rotation, is designed for kids and toddlers. In the hot summer, it brings cool fun and creates a better place family water park, an awesome outdoor interactive toy.

【Safe and Durable Material】 Your little one's safety is our top priority. Water rocket sprinkler made of high-quality ABS material,no harmful smell. It has safety, reliability, durability, and stable performance. Kids' Sprinkler surface is smooth and round no burr does not hurt children's skin, for kids playing

【Easy Install Easy for Users】Sprinkler Toys for Kids installs without tools. The water spray toy's bottom is equipped with a connector that could plug with the hose, simply connect the rotary rocket sprinkler with the water hose, and turn on the water tap, then the toy can spray water, so your kids can enjoy splashing in just minutes.

【Enhance Parent-child Relationship】Our product is an educational toy. Sprinkler Toys are designed for the courtyard water parks, they get the kids some air and save time and effort by entertaining in the backyard, suitable for summer. Enhance the relationship between parents and children by playing.

【Perfect Kids Gifts 】Water sprayer toy is your top choice to use as a present. It is an essential toy for outdoor water activities in summer for outside activity on any warm day. boys and girls will love receiving this outdoor water toy as a birthday gift, holiday gift or children's day present.

The launch height is determined by the tap water pressure.Can be stably suspended at 1.5 meters

Material: PP,ABS,EVA

Size:21 * 21* 29cm

Package: color box

Principle: hydraulic drive Age: 3+

Use: Playing with water in summer

Spraying distance: about 1.5m

(The range is affected by water pressure)

Tips : Rocket fight is more stable in calm and light wind

lt is applicable to multiple scenes, and the spraying is delicate without harming plants.New experience of pattern playing with water, just connect the water pipe to play

Package includes:

Rocket toy *1
Base interface *1
Faucet interface *1

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